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Curly Fu and Peanut slash fic banned in China. Slash writers arrested. This is terrifying.

Let’s forget all the in-fighting and wank for a moment and appreciate that not all fans are creating in safe or accepting circumstances. Maybe we could try being a little more forgiving and generous towards our fellow fans, we don’t know what’s going on in their day.

My thoughts too. All the fandom infighting pales in comparison to this issue. We should unite not divide.

Why it’s not a “bromance”


So many of Sherlock’s actors and creators have spoken out about Johnlock and fan interpretation, and they all say something to this effect: “Of course John and Sherlock love each other, but that doesn’t mean they’re in love with each other.”

And I’d like to take this opportunity to unequivocally call bullshit.

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Thank God for your existence, wonderful person, and thank whomever gave you the eyes to see, the brains to put it up together and the lips (or fingers) to express it!

Hear, people, hear!


Anonymous asked:

I'm sorry to bother you, but could you please explain what drama's going on in the Sherlock fandom? Something about new ship names or something? I don't know what's going on at all...


basically a user decided to start a network called “Lockson” which is basically an alternative/sub-section of Johnlock. it was made because apparently the Johnlock ship is full of abusive users that all hate Mary and send death threats to Amanda. The Lockson network is apparently for people who ship john and sherlock but still like mary, and people who ship them as “Brotps” etc

some people think it is very elitist, as they are saying if you do not like mary you can’t be a part of our group etc. like ok it’s meant to be a nice loving community according to the creator but it’s basically a community for people who don’t want to associate themselves with johnlock shippers because they think we’re all abusive, Mary-hating twats??? i also read that (correct me if this is wrong) apparently you have to request to join and you can be refused… ability to refuse a person obviously means there are “requirements” for this network. wow.

we don’t have any of that for johnlock. if you want to ship johnlock, jOIN US. the request/refusal thing is just silly.

you know what else? The community claims to be loving but members have literally sent anon hate to people that have criticised Lockson (sleuthers for example). if that’s not hypocritical idk what is.

look. in my eyes: you want sherlock and john to fuck each other senseless? you’re a johnlock shipper. whether you hate mary or not has nothing to do with it. there is no need to make an alternative group to avoid mary hate. i am sick of people assuming that everyone who ships johnlock hates mary.

idk i do know that the sherlock/johnlock groups of tumblr have a lot of drama and hate and i see why people want to try and get away from it, but this is just fuelling the fire, not getting rid of it.

Finally someone with brains has spoken. I love you.

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